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Just A Small Town Girl With Big Dreams


The Britt Nicole

26-year-old, young, motivated girl boss.

Born & raised in York Pennsylvania.

Yup, I'm an east coast baby! 

It all started with a sewing machine.

I've been a designer for over 10 years.

 My love for creating luxury dresses quickly turned into a love for makeup.

I've always found myself being creative & adding diamond's to all of my creations.

Even as a child my mom had to clean rhinestones out of the carpet because of all of my creative project's.

She literally use to call me her Rhinestone cow girl.

The day I decided on creating my own cosmetic line, I knew it had to have diamonds.

The bossy inspiration came from wanting to boss up in life.

Going through rough times can change you in a good way if you allow it.

I found healing in manifestation & speaking positivity over my life.

I hope my shade names speak to you as much as they speak to me.

The meaning behind The Britt Nicole Cosmetics is way deeper than just makeup.

During the pandemic I decided that I wanted a complete new change.

I really felt like I needed more inspiration. 

I packed up my suit case & randomly bought a one way ticket to LA.

Moving across the country has been the scariest, yet best risk of my life.

2 years later,

I'm living in my childhood dreams everyday & working towards everything I deserve.

The thing's we want in life may not alway's come easy. But, do it anyway & allow life to teach you those lessons.

Everyones afraid of failing but there is so much power & growth in that.


I'm glad that I've learned how to express my emotions through my passion.

It changed my insight on life & the way of thinking.

Now, I get to share it with you through something we all love, makeup.



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